Independent Validation

Functional Testing

Today’s business landscape requires complex and dynamic solutions to be developed within shorter time frames and with limited resources. Our services help software vendors and business software users ensure that their software is functionally correct and works perfectly. We start with a detailed study of your application/product goals and then define a clear implementation plan for ensuring alignment of functional testing objectives.

We offer complete testing coverage right from the Requirement phase to ensure significantly lower error rates. Starting with a Business Requirement document, we develop full-coverage, end-to-end business use cases to detect critical errors in your current system. Our approach involves every scenario from a user perspective to ensure the system works in the way it is intended to.

Usability Testing

In today’s consumer driven economy, organizations don’t have the luxury to guess how good your website or app is. It has become critical to find out first-hand how real customers (both internal and external) interact with your communication channels and technology touch points. Development teams typically work under the assumption that user expectations are taken care of by requirements, but we know that this is seldom true. To truly deliver differentiated and user-friendly customer experiences, it is important to fully comprehend their expectations and motivations.

At CTRM, our goal is to ensure that your development teams aren’t deciding user experiences on behalf of customers, without solid evidence to support these judgement calls. Our Functional Testing expertise allows you to bring substantial objectivity to your projects, and ensure that internal opinions and hypotheses don’t get in the way of delivering what your customer actually needs and expects.

Security Testing

As organizations take advantage of the convergence of cloud, mobility, social computing and web applications to create new and compelling business models, one area that concerns everyone is Security. Ensuring that applications are available, data is private and information published is confidential has become critical in gaining the trust of both customers and employees and often defines the very adoption of new technology initiatives. Creating secure business environments has become key.

The consequences of a security breach can be catastrophic. Loss of revenue, irreparable damage to the credibility of a brand, loss of customer trust and steep legal liabilities are realities that all enterprises would like to avoid at all cost. At CTRM Technologies, we offer seamless security testing by specialist software security testers. Our Security Testing methodologies reveal vulnerabilities in the security mechanisms of applications that protect critical data and ensure uptime of functionality. Typical security requirements may include specific elements of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization and non-repudiation.

Automation Testing

It’s tough to keep up with the growing demands of testing technology. With customer expectations evolving rapidly and technology creating newer business models, time to market has become a key differentiator. Enterprises are increasingly adopting “agile” approaches to stay ahead of rapid change and shorter iteration cycles. Quality, of course, is non-negotiable.

At CTRM Technologies, we define an abstraction layer between business process test cases and the complex technology required to automate them. We use scripting tools like Selenium WebDriver and IBM Rational Robot to provide technology integration, resilience, error handling, variable management and reporting. Through our knowledge of open source and commercial tools, skills and flexible practices we create a test automation framework and build a scalable and maintainable regression test suite. Our automation testing services helps clients drive higher return on Investment through reduction of manual, repetitive and labor-intensive effort associate with manual testing.

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