Software Development Services

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Invent, build, integrate, scale and upgrade your applications with CTRM! For more than three decades, CTRM has been harnessing digital technologies for the benefit of Fortune businesses, mid and large enterprises, and startups across the variety of industries. Fully in the art and science of software engineering and management, we help you to build high-quality software solutions and products as well as deliver a wide range of related professional services.

Software Consulting

Relying on the knowledge and expertise gained during three decades in software development, we can be a valuable source of adviсe and support. Our team can:
1.Offer a holistic set of software consulting services for every stage of software development life cycle – from ideation to ensuring the highest standard of security and regulatory compliancy.
2. Help reveal root causes of the stalled ongoing projects and set them to rights.

Our team can help you to:

-Refine your application idea.
-Develop the detailed concept of future software.
-Elicit and prioritize all needed requirements.
-Design the software architecture for maximum efficiency and productivity of the application.
-Choose the right technology stack.
-Put together a plan for smooth integration of your enterprise applications.
-Protect your software from failures and security breaches.
-Ensure the software quality and compliance.

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