Commodity Trading and Risk Management Software

Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) software was designed to be flexible to accommodate a trading company’s style and unique customer needs.

Contract Management

Stay on top of your contracts with our commodity trading and risk management module.

-Configure alerts such as price fixation, shipment/delivery status, and quality       status to meet customer obligations.
-Allegro makes it easy to enter contracts and helping ensure that your position   is always up-to-date.
-Use the flexible contract inquiry to identify sales opportunities.

Position Management

CTRM offers powerful tools to ensure you can understand and actively manage your position at any point in time.

-Customized views so traders can focus on only the products or counterparties   they are responsible for.
-Reserve inventory while awaiting customer sample approvals or buying     decisions to avoid a duplicate sale.
-Monitor price to be fixed position to ensure responsible parties are locking in     prices within contractual parameters.

Worldwide flexibility

CTRM Softwares is unparalleled in giving traders the flexibility they need to succeed in today’s world. CTRM handles multi-commodities, multi-companies, multi-currencies, and multi-languages that can all be configured across your organization or by user/company.

Futures and options

The Allegro CTRM module gives you unique visibility to manage risk and track your position through appropriate futures or delta-equivalent options hedging. Upload settlement prices to facilitate mark to market and brokerage statement confirmation. Analyze realized and unrealized profitability over user-defined time periods to avoid month-end profitability surprises. Record GTC orders with reminders when market breaches order levels.

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